Saturday, April 10, 2010

First Week of ESL Teacher Training LEVEL 1

Hello Aspiring ESL Teachers!

Welcome to the first week of ESL Teacher training. After watching each training video you should drop to the floor and give me 20 push-ups. Well, you don't have to, but it wouldn't hurt =)

Video 1

Let's begin with an introduction to the bible of ESL textbooks for vocabulary, The Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition. This is the textbook we use on ESL Teacher and if you are serious about teaching, you should order the teacher's book: The Oxford Picture Dictionary Lesson Plans (Oxford Picture Dictionary 2e).

Finally, please view the following lessons:
The Importance of Repetition and the Language Habit

Keep it Simple

Learning Student Names and Introductions for Beginners

How to Introduce Vocabulary to Beginner and Intermediate Students

You're first assignment is to teach! If you are at the Drop-In Center, you will only have to do introductions. Please write in the comments section when you want to teach, one question that you have regarding teaching, and one new thing you learned from this training session.

Thank you for joining the class!

Your Fellow ESL Teacher,


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