Wednesday, April 28, 2010

How You Can Support ESL Teacher!!

Hello Fellow ESL teachers, ESL Tutors and Supporters!

Thank you for visiting ESL teacher! Now that you've found this excellent resource, and now that it has greatly improved the quality of your life and your ESL students' are wondering how can I support this amazing website!


1) Volunteer and help with video editing, upkeeping the website, teaching ESL lessons, and all the other tasks that need to be done. I will train you for FREE. More details on the Help Wanted blog post.

2) Tell your co-workers and students about the blog. Write down the address and give it to five teachers and five students. Tell them to pass on this AWESOME and FREE resource to their friends, family and co-workers. Spread the word =)

3) Leave thoughtful comments and suggestions under the posts.

4) Suggest an AWESOME idea of your own on how you can divinely help ESL Teacher! You or someone you know may have an amazing marketing/business strategy that could help us out even more!


1) Buy your ESL textbook or have your students buy their ESL textbook from the links in this blog (such as The Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition or Basic English Grammar, Third Edition  (Full Student Book with Audio CD and Answer Key)). Buying books from Amazon through the links in ESL Teacher will raise a small commission...and the cost will be the same to you!

2) Buy Hawaii Chocolate for fundraising or to give as gifts! The earnings go to ESL Teacher, and some also go to a designated charity.'s fun to buy chocolate...and this chocolate is really yummy =)

3) Donate to ESL Teacher by pressing the Donate Button below. Donations are not tax deductible, but go towards feeding, clothing and sheltering your ESL well as paying for equipment and supplies!  Suggested donations are $5/year for students, and $15/year for teachers. For our wealthier patrons, we have a contest. The highest annual donation over $10,000 gets the opportunity to meet with Meylysa in-person. The winner will be announced by January 4 of the following year by 5pm Hawaii Time. May the best one win!

Thanks for wanting to support ESL Teacher! It's much appreciated =)

Your local friendly ESL Teacher super hero!!!!


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