Thursday, April 29, 2010

Dictation Race Game for the ESL Classroom

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Today, let's talk about a fun classroom activity for almost any level of students!

1) Pick out a conversation, preferably on a CD or other audio recording. Interchange is a good ESL textbook with a lot of conversations.
2) Write the names of the people talking in the dialogue on the board for each line of the dialogue. Write the names twice, one on each side of the board, so that two teams can write at the same time.


3) Divide the class into two teams, line them up with the first person holding a whiteboard marker and ready to write.

4) Play the CD once, tell the students to write what they hear.

5) The next student comes up, gets the marker, play the CD again.

6) Keep rotating students until every student has gotten a try.

7) Compare the teams' work. Who is more accurate? Correct any mistakes you find for both teams.

8) Congratulate the winners!

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