Saturday, April 10, 2010

Oxford Picture Dictionary: Low Beginning Workbook

Hello Fellow ESL Teachers and ESL Tutors,

Here is another great book to add to your library, Oxford Picture Dictionary: Low Beginning Workbook. I suggest that you have students buy the book, as it is excellent practice for them.

Each page in the The Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition corresponds to a page in this workbook. Students can also practice listening, as there are two audio CDs included in the back, which they can listen to while they do the listening activities in the back of the book.

These books are very useful as an added practice in your class. They can be used in the last half hour and give you time to walk around and give students individual attention.

The cost is only $13-$16 depending on where you buy the book. It's a really good deal.

Please feel free to post a comment on this workbook!

Thank you for your visit today!

Your fellow ESL teacher,


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