Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teachers: How To Introduce Vocabulary to Beginners and Intermediates

Hello fellow ESL teachers and tutors!

Welcome to ESL Teacher, a blog that helps ESL teachers further develop their skills, as well as lets students learn ESL over the internet. In this post, we will discuss how to introduce vocabulary to Beginner and Intermediate students. You can also visit my hubpage for another resource on teaching ESL vocabulary.

Remember to:

1) Breathe - Breathe and slow your words down
2) Speak slowly and clearly
3) Repetition - Say the words you are teaching - a lot! Say the words at least 3 times, and have the students say the words at least 3 times
4) Feel free to let individual students say the words to check pronunciation
5) Review - When you finish a vocabulary lesson, be sure to review all of the words with the class at least 2 times each, this gives the class closure, brings everyone back to focus.
6) Use drawings
7) Act the words out
8) Write the words on the board (if you need to spend time on it)

To Beginner Instructors:

Focus! Remember to take it slow and repeat the words many many times. Stay on the topic. Have the students get lots of practice saying the words, and hearing you say the words =)


  1. nice ^_^ good advice I always get carried away I tend to joke and talk fast !!

  2. Hi Ala'a!

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, it's easy to start talking too quickly if we are not careful!

    - Meylysa