Saturday, February 20, 2010

Teachers: The Importance of Repetition and the Language Habit

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Welcome to ESL Teacher, a blog devoted to the development of the ESL community - both ESL teachers and ESL students. In this post, we will discuss the importance of repetition and the language habit. For anyone who has learned a second language, it becomes clear that we learn a language by getting used to it. We get used to hearing it and understanding it, we get used to saying it and being understood. We hear the same phrases over and over and over, and that's how we remember them. The more we make language a habit, the more we free up our brain to learn more and more language.

It's important that you have a lot of repetition in your curriculum. Sometimes students are motivated and will do the necessary repetition on their own at home or at their language lab. If they really want to learn the language, they will go out in the language community and try to use what they learned in their lessons.

However, if your students are like ours at the Drop-In Center, and they are adults that spend their time raising their kids, and less time on studying. In classrooms like this, it is very important to repeat the vocabulary and key sentences a lot. The more you repeat it, the more the students will come to adopt it for their own, instead of regarding it as that language that they are not good at.

Students learn language out of repetition and habit. This is true of those who do the necessary practice on their own or in the classroom. Teaching students that they have to practice is key to their success.

Thank you for visiting this post today. If you have any comments please write them for us! There are other theories in Linguistics that would perhaps say language is innate, and these theories I am not disputing. From experience in learning and teaching, I've found that in order to teach humans, creatures with the innate ability to learn language, they need to practice and repeat a lot.

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