Saturday, April 10, 2010

Motivating Students to be On Time

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Let's focus for a moment on how to motivate students to be on time for class.


1) As an ESL teacher, always be on time. Always start the class on time. This will motivate almost all of your students to come on time, as they will know that you will be there and if they aren't there, they will miss part of class.

2) Tell your students to be on time.

3) Have activities that are graded (if you have grades) at the beginning of class, like review quizzes and so on.

4) Give late students an activity. For example, have them stand in front of the class and have all of the students ask them one question about why they are late (this give the class question formation practice, and gives that late student lots of speaking practice).

5) Talk to the late student privately and find out if they have an ongoing commitment that causes them to be late (bus schedule, job, children going to school, etc). If their lateness cannot be helped, then have them come in the room in a non disruptive a method as possible. If possible, let the other students know that you are allowing that student to be late because they have a valid commitment.

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