Thursday, April 29, 2010

How to Effectively Use the Board

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Today, let's discuss how to use the board in the ESL classroom.

1) Write only new information on the board, do not copy the book onto the board.

2) Use the board to help with pronunciation if needed: write a word and then break it into parts, underline the parts or separate them with lines.

3) If you say a word or a sentence the students don't all understand, write it on the board and explain it to the students.

4) Use the board to keep you focused. Be sure that if you say something that is not in the book, then write it on the board. If you are writing words that are off topic or too complicated, or just too many new words on the board, you know that you need to be more careful with the words you are using.

5) Be sure you write clearly! Check your legibility.

6) Be sure to spell the words correctly. Check your writing!

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