Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Speaking Slowly in the Beginning ESL Classroom

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Today, let's talk about speaking slowly in the beginning ESL Classroom.

I usually speak slower when teaching ESL beginners, as it is difficult for them to understand what I am saying.

1) For the elementary ESL learner, speak slowly. Focus on individual words and use pictures, pointing or gestures to convey the meaning until the students understand.

2) For the elementary ESL learner, pause between words. This gives them time to understand one word at a time.

3) For the intermediate ESL learner, speak normally first. Then slow your words down until you have everyone understanding.

4) For the advanced ESL learner, speak normal speed. You can slow down if they have difficulty pronouncing a word.

Just imagine if you were learning a foreign language...would you want the ESL teacher to speak slowly?

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