Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Be Enthusiastic!

Hello ESL Teachers and Tutors,

Welcome to ESL Teacher, a place to become your ultimate ESL teaching self! Today!

Today we will talk about the value of enthusiasm. It's important in beginning classes to be enthusiastic. Why?

1) You want to keep yourself excited and happy about teaching (after all, we love what we are doing!)

2) You want your ESL students to be excited about learning (after all, learning English rocks)!

3) You want your ESL students to understand the material better!

So, enthusiasm rocks! But how do you do enthusiasm?

1) Act out the words and phrases you are teaching. If you are doing a dialogue, act out the dialogue. If the students are doing a dialogue, have them act out the dialogue!

2) Smile and be perky. Be energetic (if this is hard for you, then try to exercise a lot and eat proper nutrition).

3) Look at your students and see if they understand. If they don't look like they understand, then ask them directly if they understand. If they say no, act it out, write descriptions, draw pictures until they understand! It's a fun challenge!

Good luck and invite me to your ESL class sometime soon! If you are an ESL teacher now, please leave comments!

Your fellow ESL teacher,


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