Saturday, January 1, 2011

Learn about an Internet Business and Help ESL Teacher Grow!

Help Wanted!

Hello you lovely ESL Teachers, tutors, and interested computer and video editing experts! I'm looking for help with keeping up with developing this website. I have various tasks that I've been doing in my own spare time and need people to help me!

Filming English Lessons
Teaching English Lessons
Video editing
Video uploading
Comment Moderation
Article writing, publishing
Website Page Editing
Writers and Creative Educators for Resource pages
Optimizing the Website

These are tasks that I used to do regularly, and I can train you on all of them.  If we work together and the website becomes profitable, you will get a cut. Currently, there is no compensation as I have not made any money off of this website yet.

If you are interested, e-mail to your resume and contact information. I want ESL Teacher to be awesome, and if you have enjoyed or learned from this website, please offer your assistance!

Thank you!


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