Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition, Lesson Plans

Hello fellow ESL Teachers, ESL Tutors and compatriots!

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Today I recommend that you buy The Oxford Picture Dictionary Lesson Plans (Oxford Picture Dictionary 2e).

It has ready made QUALITY lesson plans for you. In addition, it has the same page that the students see in their books (reduced in size to fit your book). It's the ESL Vocabulary Teaching BIBLE.

Do I need to say more?

Your fellow ESL Teacher,



  1. I have never seen the 1st Ed of this,but I do have the 2nd . It is not as nicely laid out with questions and practice of vocab. As the 1st. You will be very disappointed in the many changes.

  2. I do have the 2nd Ed. It is not as nicely laid out and is missing a lot of comprehension questions and writing opportunities. Keep your 1st ed.!!