Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tsunami English (ESL) Lesson and the Tsunami Warning of February 27, 2010

Hello English (ESL) Students!

Welcome to class today. My name is Meylysa and I am your ESL teacher. Today we are learning about Tsunami

Tsunami are large waves that travel long distances. They are caused by earthquakes, landslides, or anything that moves a lot of ocean water. Today in Hawaii, we had a Tsunami Warning (Feb 27, 2010). A Tsunami warning is when the government tells everyone that a Tsunami is coming. They tell everyone to leave the water and the beaches and go to higher ground. When the government tells everyone to leave, this is called an evacuation (a noun). The government evacuates (verb) the people during a Tsunami warning.

During a Tsunami warning, there are loud sirens (horns, sounds). When you hear the loud sirens, you turn on the tv or radio and listen to the news. The news will tell you what to do. The sirens will sound when there is danger, and people must turn on tv or radio to find out what to do.

To prepare for a Tsunami, have water, food, warm clothes, flashlight, medicine, first aid kit, phone and charger, and a battery operated radio. Do not drive unless you have to evacuate. Fill your car with gas if you need to drive. Do not use the phone unless you need to call for help. Stay safe and listen to the authorities (government).

Be safe and I hope this English lesson helped you! I went with my boyfriend Anthony Watson to Diamond Head Road in Honolulu Hawaii today to see the Tsunami from high ground. We had no school and Anthony's work was closed too. The beaches were closed, and so were many stores, restaurants and business. Lucky for everyone, there was no Tsunami, and Anthony did go to work tonight! Here is our video:

Keep practicing your English and remember these words: Tsunami, Tsunami Warning, Evacuation and Evacuate, Siren, Authorities

For more information on Tsunamis from the United States government, go to FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency).

Your English (ESL) teacher,


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