Friday, February 5, 2010

English Students! Oxford Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition, p. 12 Everyday Conversation

Hello English (ESL) Students!

It's good to see you! 

How are you doing?

How is your English coming along?

These are sentences you can use when you are talking with your friends and family in English! Practice how make everyday conversation. Go to page 12 in your Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition. Your English (ESL) teacher Meylysa will say and explain the words with you. Practice with her and your English will get better and better!

Thank you for coming to class today!

Your English (ESL) teacher,


Part 1: p. 12 Practice with your English (ESL) Teacher!

Part 2: p. 12 Listen to your English (ESL) Teacher!

REVIEW: p. 12 Say the words with your English (ESL) Teacher!

Your English is Great!!! 

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