Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Run to a Corner Game for Kindergarten Students

Hello Fellow ESL Teachers!

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Today I want to introduce a game to help kindergarten students learn English and exercise.


1) Put words that you want the students to learn in the corners of the room. One word in each corner.

2) Tell the students to run to the corner with the correct word.

3) Say a word and watch them run and have fun.

4) Say another word, and so on.

NOTE: this game is noisy and you have to clear the space so that the kids have enough room to run around safely.



  1. when teaching kids, its all about movement , fun and repetition.Another I game I like to do is take your key vocab cards(big is best) simply drop them on the ground, have 2 teams line up then whatever word the teachers says the lead kids of the 2 teams must run after and retrieve, then they have to say the word or sample sentence to get full credit

  2. Wow, that's an AMAZING game! Thank you so much for the input!