Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Simple Present Tense

Hello ESL Teachers, Tutors and fellow Educators!

Welcome to ESL Teacher! Today, I'm giving you a quick lesson on the SIMPLE PRESENT TENSE. If you think it's used to talk about now, think again!

This is the first lesson in a series to teach English verb tenses. After watching the video, you will understand and be able to explain the simple present tense to your ESL students.

Summary of the Simple Present Tense for ESL teachers:

1) The Simple Present Tense is used when describing facts or truths, habits, recurring events or states of being (it was true yesterday and true today and likely will be true tomorrow).
EX: I am a teacher. (fact or truth)
Dogs are animals. (fact or truth)
She smokes. (habits)
I clean the house on Saturdays. (recurring event)
My shirt is blue. (state of being)

2) The Simple Present Tense is used during sports events, said at the same time (roughly) that the event happens.
EX: He shoots! He scores!

3) The Simple Present Tense is used to talk about a specified date in the future!
EX: I go to the doctor at 3.

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