Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Re-Energize Here! Pep Talk for Teachers and Affirmations!


Welcome to ESL Teacher, the ultimate ESL teacher PARADISE ON THE INTERNET. You have come to the right post. If you want to re-energize, re-vitalize, affirm and build up that confidence in your worth as an ESL teacher, then now is the time!

This first video is dedicated to a new ESL teacher, who sometimes feels he's "faking it". Don't we all?! But, we are all still AWESOME teachers. Let this video cheer you up!

This next video gives you some affirmations. Say them with me, make up your own, say them to yourself in the mirror loud and with excitement. They will help you feel awesome, which is how ALL ESL TEACHERS SHOULD ALWAYS FEEL. Wouldn't you agree?

Promise with me to always enjoy and feel grateful for being an ESL teacher. Promise yourself that you will live each day joyfully and feeling pumped!

Your excited to be an ESL Teacher fellow ESL Teacher,

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