Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Join the Contest! Win over $3,000 in awesome PRIZES!!! Reward the ESL teachers of the World = )

Hello ESL Teachers, ESL Tutors and Friends,

Here are the results of the Contest. As of January 2, 2011 here are the number of views for your awesome affirmations:

Bridget - 22 views
Nate - 33 views
Shalina - 17 views
Helene - 69 views

Thanks for participating and know that your affirmations are helping others feel good =)

Yours Truly,



Contest Details:


That's right. Film yourself giving yourself and the world the best and most awesome affirmations for teachers. Upload your video to You Tube and send in your entry form found in the contest rules below. Not only do you feel good, but other teachers get to feel good watching your video!

An affirmation would be stating something to be true which is not yet true (I am the winner of the POWER TO THE ESL TEACHER CONTEST!). A declaration would be stating something that is true or something you intend to be true (I am an excellent ESL teacher!). T Harv Eker's book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind talks about declarations on pages 15-17. Watch the videos of current participants below:

Here are the contest rules:
1) Post a video of yourself giving us your best affirmations and/or declarations by December 31, 2010 midnight.

2) E-mail to the following form with all information filled in by December 31st, 2010 at midnight:
   a) First Name and Last Name:
   b) Link to your You Tube video:
   c) Mailing Address:
   d) e-mail address:
   e) current ESL teaching position:
   f) your school name if you teach at a school:
   g) the city and country where you teach:
   h) the ages and nationalities of the students you teach:
   i) How you heard about this contest:
   j) Any inspirational thoughts you want me to share with our readers:
   k) Whether you want to be notified of future offers, articles or awesome ESL teacher resources (Yes or No):
   l) Your phone number: (optional,  will be used to call you only if you win)

3) Your video will be judged by Meylysa and her panel of teachers (may be anywhere between 0 to many). A majority vote puts you on this post and gets you:
   * a free Get Hardwired for Success, by T Harv Eker (while supplies last) which includes one Premium Seating ticket to a Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar (value of $1,295!)

The first video posted on this blog will also get a special card from myself and a box of Hawaiian Host chocolate as a reward for taking action!

4) On January 1st, by 5pm, all videos posted on this blog with over 1000 views will be entered into the Grand Prize Finale Contest. In this contest, the video with the most views on You Tube at 5pm on January 1, 2011 wins the Grand Prize -
   *Your very own brand new copy of the Oxford Picture Dictionary Lesson Plans
   *A scrumptious box of Hawaiian Host chocolate fresh from Hawaii with aloha
   *A special section at the top of the contest blog post where you can advertise your services or tell your students more about your wonderful self
   *A special place on my Christmas card list.
   *A copy of T. Harv Eker's amazing book, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind, with bonuses.
   *Two free Premium Seating tickets to a Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar (value of $1,295x2=$3,590!).

Meylysa's Affirmations and Declarations (Can you do better? Show me!)
I am an excellent teacher!
I am psyched to go to class today!
I am so excited!
I am so excited to go to class!
I'm going to class and my students are going to be pumped!
Let's go!
Let's do it!
I am excited!
Bring it on!

Your fellow ESL Teacher,

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