Monday, March 22, 2010

Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition, pp. 28-19, Same and Different

Hello English (ESL) Students!

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Today we are studying Same and Different. Open your English (ESL) textbook the Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Editionto pages 28-29 and follow along with your English (ESL) teacher Meylysa. Sometimes I like to be the same as other people, but sometimes I like to be different! How about you?

Practice the lesson. Read the story with your English (ESL) teacher. Listen to the story until you understand all of the words!

Thank you for being such an awesome student!

Your English (ESL) teacher,


pp. 28-29 Same and Different

pp. 28-29 Same and Different REVIEW

Answer questions 1 & 2 from the book in the comments section below!

You are getting so good at English!!!

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