Thursday, March 18, 2010

Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition, p. 27 Shopping

Hello English (ESL) Students!

Today we are learning words for shopping. Do you like to shop? I like to shop for food and for gifts! Open your Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition to page 27. Read the top right corner - "Shopping" - with your English (ESL) teacher Meylysa. Enjoy the lesson! Listen, repeat the words and practice often. Questions? Go and ask! Just scroll (go) to the bottom of this post (webpage) and leave a comment.

Tell me what you like to shop for in English!

Your English (ESL) teacher,


Page 27, Shopping, Part 1 of 2

Page 27, Shopping, Part 2 of 2

Page 27, Shopping, Review

You have wonderful English!

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