Friday, January 15, 2010

English Students: English Textbook Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition

Oxford Picture Dictionary

Hello Students!

Oxford Picture Dictionary, 2nd Edition is a very good ESL (English as a Second Language) Textbook. It is a fun and useful picture dictionary and costs between $11 to $17 US Dollars. Please buy the Oxford Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition and join my class!

Practice and learn 1 page from this English (ESL) Textbook every week. Concentrate and focus on the words. Use the words in sentences. Write the words 20 times everyday. Listen to the words in my teaching videos. Try to understand everything that your English (ESL) teacher says. You will start to UNDERSTAND AND REMEMBER THE WORDS! If you study and learn the words each week, you will learn all the English words you need for everyday conversation.

Buy the Oxford Picture Dictionary (Monolingual English)
English (ESL) textbook and join your ESL teacher and learn English everyday!

Thank you for taking my class and letting me be your ESL teacher!

If you have questions about the English (ESL) textbook Oxford Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition, please e-mail me at, or post a comment (write me in the box below).

Thank you again...and...W E L C O M E!!!!

I'm so happy you are here =)

Meylysa - Your ESL teacher


I'm your English teacher today. My name is Meylysa. My name M E Y L Y S A. Ok, I'll say it again, Meylysa. My last name is Tseng, T S E N G. It's a Chinese last name. I'm your English teacher for today and I'm using the Oxford Picture Dictionary Second Edition. I think this book is very good. It has lots of good pictures and the vocabulary is usually very important."

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