Friday, January 15, 2010

English Students: Oxford Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition p. 4 Personal Information

Hello English (ESL) Students!

My name is Meylysa and I am your English (ESL) teacher! Thank you for studying with me today!

Today we are using the Oxford Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition, p. 4. We are learning about personal information (how to talk about YOU). Please watch the video and use your book to learn the lesson. Listen to your ESL teacher. Try to understand everything Meylysa is saying and try NOT to read!

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Let's begin the lesson!

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Oxford Picture Dictionary 2nd Edition p. 4

Personal Information

"OK. You are doing awesome! Let's see if you remember. We're going to review ok? So Number...let's start at A
Letter A Say Your Name, Say your name
Letter B Spell Your Name, Spell your name
Letter C Print Your Name, Print your name
D Sign your name, Sign your name
Number 1 Name, Name
Number 2 First Name, First Name
Number 3 Middle Initial, Middle Initial
Number 4 Last Name, Last Name
Number 5 Address, Address
Number 6 Apartment Number, Apartment Number
Number 7 City, City
Number 8 State, State
Number 9 Zip Code, Zip Code
Number 10 Area Code, Area Code
Number 11 Phone Number, Phone Number
Number 12 Cell Phone Number, Cell Phone Number
Number 13 Date of Birth, Date of Birth, DOB, DOB
Number 14 Place of Birth, Place of Birth
Number 15 Social Security Number, Social Security Number, again Social Security Number
Number 16 Sex
Number 17 Male, Male
Number 18 Female, Female
Number 19 Signature, Signature

Good Job! So that's your personal information. Be careful with your personal information. Keep it to yourself. You can share your name. You can share your phone number. But don't tell people your Social Security Number. Ok, you are doing great! I'm going to see you again next week. Study Hard! See you later."


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